Film Review: Dad’s Army


Walmington-on-Sea gets a new Home Guard as the cast of the new Dad’s Army release their latest revamp. Sticking with the same characters but with new actors to replace them, the plot sees the cast hunting down a German spy as they aim to contribute to winning the war.

The cast is full of respected names within the British film industry but not all of them deliver. For me, the star of the show was Michael Gambon’s Godfrey; as much as I loved Arnold Ridley in the original series, Gambon plays the character perfectly but in his own way. I also appreciated Toby Jones as Captain Mainwaring. Although I didn’t like him to begin with, I felt that he tried to play a character rather than emulate Arthur Lowe.
I appreciate I’m probably not in the target audience of this film as I wasn’t even born when the original series was out but as a fan of the series because of my dad, I thought the delivery of the comedy was good. I liked that they used the catchphrases but didn’t overkill them throughout.
However, I really did not like Catherine Zeta-Jones in this. The idea that the producers and directors wanted her in the film and made up a character for her is a credit to her craft but for me, it really didn’t work. I just found it hard to believe that she could be an undercover German spy!
What will please fans of the series are the cameos from some f the original cast members. Ian Lavender appears as a brigadier and the original vicar Frank Williams reprises his role.
My favourite part of the entire film were the strong female other halves. In the original series, we never saw Captain Mainwaring’s wife and the other female roles got less screen time than their male counterparts.