Forever 21 Wishlist

This is my favourite store; however the last order I made, the sizing was all off on my tiny frame. However, I still find myself looking at the site on a regular basis because I love it so much.

When I go to London, it’s the first shop on my list to visit (Victoria’s Secret is second) as nowadays I’m cutting down on online shopping! I’m definitely having London withdrawal symptoms so I think I need to organise another trip some time soon!

I’m planning on joining the capsule wardrobe gang so want to start wearing top quality pieces rather than fast fashion. However, I believe that many high street stores do sell quality products and that includes Forever 21.
1. Baseball tee, £9.00
2. Bodycon dress, £13.00
3. Knitted polo, £19.00
4. Pink bomber jacket, £18.00
5. Ankle boots, £23.00
6. Black sweatshirt, £9.00
7. Flamingo make-up bag, £6.00
8. Chelsea boots, £23.00

As you can see, I am looking forward to autumn/winter as that is the season that I am made for. I like as much black/grey as possible, jumpers and boots. I’m not a person who likes summer; I like to stick with my staple colours and items which tend to be dark!