General University Tips

A few months ago, I did a blog post about my experience at uni and now I’m heading to the end of my course, I wanted to share some of my tips for making the most out of your uni experience.


  1. Join a society. Yes, university work comes first but you’re all work, no play, you won’t be enjoying the experience. Join something that you enjoy or are intrigued by. It doesn’t mean you have to join it permanently; go to a taster session or try a different society every semester if you like!
  2. Get organised. If you’re looking at going to uni in September, I’d advise you now, the more organised you are in your first year, the easier it will be come year three or even four. This means getting textbooks earlier, having your notes in folders, writing important deadlines in advance and writing the essays early.
  3. Speaking of organisation, this counts for before you move. Once you have been accepted at your uni, make sure you know what you need to take, what’s already there and what you’re not allowed. Some halls are more decked out than others.
  4. Attend as much as possible. I’m the most guilty person not turning up to lectures and this is why my grades are crap. I know it might be difficult to get up early but the more you do it, the more routine it becomes.
  5. Get your bag/outfit ready the night before. I like sleep. Getting my stuff ready on a night ready for the following day means I can usually stretch another half an hour in bed. Win=win.
  6. Discover the campus on foot. I have lived ten minutes away from my uni campus all my life and still don’t know where half of the buildings are. There are usually tours of the campus and the surrounding area during Fresher’s Week and don’t forget, everyone is in the same boat with not knowing where to go!
  7. Don’t always buy textbooks brand new. In my first year, my uni did a bundle with all the books we’d need from the campus bookshop so I bought them all new. The following year, I sold them all online/traded them in on Amazon and bought all my second-year books second-hand. I barely even paid for them that way!
  8. During Fresher’s Week, collate your own list of useful numbers. From practical things such as doctors and dentists, to more important things, such as god taxi firms and pizza shops. Trust me, they will all come in handy at some point.
  9. If you’re going away to uni, try to make friends with someone who lives in the city permanently, They will know the city inside-out which will be very useful as they can be your go-to person for pretty much everything!
  10. Buy an NUS card/local bus pass. Students get so many great deals and discounts on a variety of products so an NUS card is worth it. If you’re using the bus frequently, invest in a pass rather than paying for single journeys.
  11. Learn how to budget. You’re bound to go into your overdraft at some point but try to spend within your means.
  12. My final tip is get a part-time job. This helps with budgeting so much! Either save the money or use it to spend on whatever you like, your choice,
I made my feelings on university clear in that previous post but I know some people love their experience. If anyone wants anymore advice about anything uni-wise, just drop me a comment or email me! And if you’re planning on staying in your home city and want to know what it’s like, feel free to tweet/email/comment me.