Generation Vote 2015

This is a fairly serious post but today is the last day to register to vote in the General Election. I cannot reiterate enough how important it is use your vote. We live in a democracy and are extremely lucky, especially as young women, to be allowed to vote so make sure you put it to good use. I know many of you will say “Well, I can’t relate to any of the politicians” or “They’ll do nothing for me” but politicians have actually moved with the times and are looking into ways of getting young people involved. We have policies related to tuition fees, apprenticeships and help-to-buy schemes, all of which are important to young people.

My biggest tip is to read the manifesto; however, I appreciate that you probably don’t want to read hundreds of pages! Newsbeat has some great snippets of all the parties and has highlighted the key policies that affect young people. It’ll take you maybe 15 minutes to read through them all!

Most important, make sure you’re registered to vote!