Get To Know Me Tag


I’ve done this tag before (see the previous post here) and thought it was about time for an update. A lot of things have changed in a year or so!

The last time I did this, I was in a relationship I thought would last forever and was in a very happy place. I was about to graduate from uni and then start my journalism course. Flash forward to the present, I’m in a very happy place, I’ve graduated uni and that ex is now engaged to a former best friend of mine. I’m not bitter anymore, just a tad disappointed. I’ve finished my journalism course but have to resit a couple of exams before Christmas. Nevertheless, I’m doing great things on my own now just doing my thing and being the person I’m proud of and want to be.

Anyway enough about all of that and onto today’s post!

This or that…
Red or white wine? I don’t drink alcohol and haven’t for 3 years so neither!
City or countryside? I live in the countryside now but I do love city breaks.
Cats or dogs? Neither, I prefer fish (less hassle).
Sweet or savoury? Sweet. I love chocolate far too much.
Dresses or Jeans? Jeans. Easier to style.
Heels or flats? Flats. Trainers are comfier.
Beyoncé or Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift has been my favourite for many years now!
Tea or coffee? Neither, I’m a hot chocolate girl.
Divergent or The Hunger Games? I’ve now seen the first Hunger Games film and quite enjoyed it!
Blogposts or Youtube? Depends what it’s for I guess! I love both for different reasons.
Skincare or Makeup? Make-up. I’m a new addict.
Morning or Night? Morning. I like to be productive.
Pizza or burgers? Pizza, all day er’ryday.
Books or magazines? Books. I seem to waste a lot of money on magazines though!
Facebook or Twitter? Twitter. It’s just easier to use.
Summer or winter? Winter: fashion, hot chocolate and snow.
Your favourite…?
City? London. I save up and go once a year to shop and see a show!
Book? Catcher in the Rye
Film? West Side Story. I love musicals.
TV Show? Of all time, it would be Gossip Girl, The OC and One Tree Hill but currently it’s Revenge and Pretty Little Liars.
Perfume? Victoria Secret Angel Dream.
Skincare item? Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask.
Lipstick? The whole Essence range: it’s cheap but fab!
Foundation? Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation.
Food? Chinese.
Dessert? Chocolate fudge cake or brownie with ice cream.
Place to eat? A local pub.
Alcoholic drink? I don’t drink.
Non-alcoholic drink? Hot chocolate.
Actor/tress? Lea Michele.
Band? The Beatles.
What does the future hold for you?

I want to save up enough money to move away. I’d still like to become a journalist, but unsure of which area to specialise in. I want to live comfortably  as I like nice things. I want to travel when I can afford to and have my dream home. I hope to find someone to share my life with but for me, that’s not a priority.

I tag anyone who wants to do it! Leave your links in the comments below!