Gossip Girl Tag


Truth time: I’ve been struggling with blog post ideas as of late. After a look through Bloglovin’, I saw the fabulous Shelby had just done a new tag post of one of my favourite shows: Gossip Girl!

It has been a show that I have loved for years. I have watched it so many times since its original airing and never ever get bored of it! Nevertheless, here are the questions!

How did you discover the show?

I think I watched it on ITV2 for the first couple of series. Then I used to forget when it was on; bought series 1-5 on DVD, binge watched them and then watched series 6 on TV. Since then, I’ve tried to get every single friend into the show, not always successful though I might add!

Who’s your favourite character?

Without a doubt, Blair Cornelia Waldorf is my favourite. We share many personality traits: mature, sassy, organised, independent, smart and we both own a headband or two. Yes she can be ruthless and a downright bitch but she has a huge heart and is always poised and always has a plan B or C or maybe even D.

Who would you see yourself being friends with on the show? 

I don’t think I could be friends with Blair as we’re too similar and we both are far too ambitious. I like Serena but she’s a limelight hogger which I don’t like in a friend. I love Jenny, even though she goes a bit cray-cray in the end but I’d love to have a designer friend so I could wear all of her designs! I think I’d be friends with Dan though; he’s a nice guy and is very intelligent. Nate likes sport though so I’d get along with him too! Or Eric maybe? He’s so sweet and kind!

Chair or Dair?

Chair, without a doubt. Why the creators thought that Dair would be a good idea as a couple, I have no idea. I love them as friends as you don’t realise how much they have in common but Chair are the ultimate relationship goals. Yes they ruin each other’s lives but together, they are a force to be reckoned with. They literally rule the Upper East Side and are so consumed with each other’s love, it’s overwhelming. That’s the kind of love that I want.

What’s your favourite ship that would never actually happen? 
I actually wanted Lily and Rufus to end up together; I thought it would be great to have an adult relationship that lasted throughout most of the series but it didn’t unfortunately. However, I was thrilled when Georgina and Jack were a couple at Dan and Serena’s wedding in the future and this made me beyond happy! They might be even more perfect for each other than Chuck and Blair are!
If you were to be a character, who would you be? 
Queen B, duh.
Who was your crush on the show? 
For years it was always Nate. As I grew older, I loved Chuck. Now I think Nate is quite bland as a character and Chuck is far too wild for me. I’ve always really fancied Tripp though; Aaron Tviet is a triple threat (sing, dance, act) so what’s not to love?
Have you read the book series? 
I have a few of them and have tried reading them but they are very different from the book so I might have to try again.
Who was your favourite villain? 
Juliet is one of my favourites. Rich people rarely make it in the world of GG and she really put up a good fight. However, drugging Serena= not cool!
What was your initial thought of the show?
I was fascinated by every character’s life and how they all intertwined with each other. I love the friendships between the non-judging Breakfast Club members and then I became obsessed with the amazing outfits!
I tag all you fellow GGers out there who are just as obsessed as I am!