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For years and years now, I’ve been a Harry Potter fan. I watch the films as a series about once a month, I read the books as often as I can, I live in my HP PJs.

There was a time when I wasn’t massively interested in HP. I remember watching the first 2 films in the cinema, skipping films 3 and 4 and watching Order of the Phoenix and being utterly confused. From that point on, I went back and read the books properly and then bought all of the films. Then I become obsessed and got the books/saw the films as soon as they came out. Even though the series is pretty much over, it will live on forever with me!

As soon as I saw this tag on Sophie’s blog, I knew I had to jump on board! I usually have a fitness catch-up on a Monday but this week I had a rest week so had to find something else to post!

1. Who is your favourite character?

Hermione without a doubt. I think she’s a great character in both the books and the films. She is smart, brave, articulate, poised and beautiful! I’m so glad there is a strong female lead that has brains and not just beauty! She also produces gems like this:


2. Which is your favourite book?

I have to say the Philosopher’s Stone. It’s an introduction to most of the characters, it sets up the whole series and it’s the one that got me into the series!

3. Which is your least favourite book?

The Goblet of Fire. I don’t dislike the book as much as the film (Cedric is such a dud character and so is R-Patz!) but for me, it seems to be the one with the weakest storyline; sorry!

4. Which character is most like you?

I’ll have to go with Hermione again; we both always have our head in a book, we like to be the smartest one in the room, we’re both quite bossy but we both have huge hearts and is a loyal friend.

5. If you could spend a day as a witch in Hogwarts, what would you do?

First of all, I’d travel by Floo powder to Diagon Alley and buy a broomstick. Then I’d get the train to Hogwarts and buy everything off the trolley. Next, I’d sit in all of the lessons, play some Quidditch and have a feast in the Great Hall. Then I’d go to Hogsmeade! I’d end the day by having a night in the common room and then using my Time Turner to do it all over again!

6. What is your favourite spell?

The Patronus Charm is a phenomenal idea for a spell and I love the meanings behind each patronus.

7. Is there anything you would change about the plot?

I would have Draco in it more (I love him) and probably reduce the number of deaths: Hedwig, Dobby, Sirius, Lupin, Fred Weasley. My heart just couldn’t take them all! Also, no spiders! (I can barely watch most of the Chamber of Secrets because of them!)

8. Where were you when you started reading The Philosophers Stone for the first time?

I read it at home mostly but I do remember taking it to school most days to read on my dinner whilst I ate my packed lunch!

9. Cho was Harry’s first kiss; who would your first kiss be at Hogwarts?

I think I’d be in Slytherin so it has to be Draco. If I was in Gryffindor, I’d defo want to kiss Neville.

10. Finally, is there anyone in reality you’d love to cast a slug puking spell on?

Bork, I hate this scene. Can I just say anyone who doesn’t like Harry Potter in general? It’s my favourite book/film series by far and it teaches you so many things and has so many amazing characters!


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