How To Declutter Your Wardrobe: Drawers Edition

Part 2 of the de-cluttering series; this week focuses on sorting out those drawers. Now I know we all have a junk drawer that we just throw everything into when we can’t be bothered to put them away properly. Instead, my favourite tip is to have a box on top of your bedside table or somewhere visible that you can dump things in. If it’s visible, you’re more likely to eventually empty it when it’s overfilling. This way, that top drawer can be used for something useful!

I have a 2 by 3 chest of drawers that my dad built which are built-in next to my wardrobes. Because he knows how much crap I have, he made sure they were fairly wide and deep drawers. So on the left side:

  • Top drawer- This is my toiletries drawer In here, I have two storage bins, side by side and only keep stuff I use regularly in there. Predominantly, I keep tablets, cotton wool, spare deodorant and my manicure set; basically, it’s anything that I might need to hand quickly.
  • 2nd drawer- This is my socks/tights drawer. My regular ankle socks are kept in the bulk of the drawer; I keep trainer socks in separate bin inside the drawer and tights are tucked to the side. As I wear ankle socks more, it makes more sense for them to have the main space in the drawer.
  • 3rd drawer- This is possibly my favourite drawer: the stationary drawer. I have three sections in this one: a box on the right side with smaller extras in it (tape, calculator, post-it notes), smaller things in drawer divider in the front left (stapler, staples) and right at the back, I have clipboards ad spare refill pads. For me, by keeping all of this together, I know exactly where to find it. If it’s not in there, it means I don’t have it!

On the right side:

  • Top drawer- I keep make up in a cutlery tray; it’s nothing fancy but I separate eyes, lashes, lips and face. For a blogger, I don’t have a huge amount of make-up so it is more than enough space for me. On the right side of the drawer, I keep my bras on the right; these are neatly filed one behind the other so I can see exactly what I have.
  • 2nd drawer- Next, I keep my knickers in a drawer divider on the right and PJs in other half of drawer; here I keep long bottoms at the back and short sets at the front.
  • 3rd drawer- This is basically my memories drawer- old certificates, photos, general memories. About once a year, I go through this drawer to reminisce and often find I can dispose of certain things in there.

I also have a separate set of transparent drawers for some of my other clothes:

  • Top- workout bottoms
  • 2nd- workout tops- sports bras, t-shirts/vest
  • 3rd- vests, tight tees, cotton scarves
  • 4th- baggy tops, basically in-house tops
For my toiletries, I either store them in the bathroom. For those other ones that don’t require the use of water, I store them in a basket on top of my chest of drawers. Items such as nail varnish remover, face wash and dry shampoo are stored in here.
For smaller items, I store them in baskets on a shelf. I have 5 in total:
  • 1- moisturiser, cotton pads/buds
  • 2- hair bobbles
  • 3- perfume
  • 4- hair grips
  • 5- other face stuff: face mask, exfoliator, hair mask
My main tip for de-cluttering your drawers is to take one drawrr at a time. Empty the contents of the drawer on the floor/on your bed and sort out the contents into piles: keep, maybe, throw, donate. Then clean the drawer and then place the items back into the drawer.
Unfortunately, my camera is on the blink so photos may have to follow at a later date!