I’m Feeling 22! and My London Haul

So as you guessed by the name of the post, I turned 22 on Wednesday! And where did I spend my day? In my favourite city, London of course, shopping the day away! I may have spent a few too many pennies but surely you can forgive a girl on her birthday? Anyways, here is my shopping haul!

Pull and Bear

Tan cardigan, slogan t-shirt and white sweatshirt (not available online)
Total spend: £32.97


Grey jumper (not available online), stripey slogan top (not available online), black joggers and black jeans
Total spend: £52.96

Forever 21

Dark skinnies (petite leg)
Black V-neck, lilac V-neck, white V-neck and black slogan t-shirt
Owl socks (not available online), milk bottle socks (other two pairs not available online)
Total spend: £37.50

New Look

Blue studded top and stripey top
Total spend: £22.48


Stripey top
Total spend: £12.90

I also ended up in Victoria’s Secret and bought my favourite underwear offer (5 for £20) but I got them for £18 this time!

All in all, I spent quite a bit of money but I tried to buy staple pieces and ones that I can mix and match with the things I already own. Recently I’ve tried to clean up my wardrobe and get rid of the clothes that I never wear or rarely wear and keep only the pieces that fit well. This means I’ve got significantly less clothing than I did have! Nevertheless, I’m going for a minimalist approach in terms of style right now. I’ve recently discovered Caroline’s blog and was in awe of her capsule wardrobe idea! She’s inspired me that less is more and by creating a capsule wardrobe with only 37 items, I can create endless looks! Seriously, check out her blog!