Instagram Catch Up

Crazy busy week last week for me! I had exams and revision so on Friday after my last exam, I literally chilled out all weekend (apart from work on Saturday!) and hung out with my parents. Living in a hotel is now done now exams are done with so I’m very happy to be back at home! I’m excited to get back into a routine with workouts and food as I’ve been snacking constantly and living off fast food for the past two weeks!

1, 2, 3. I was very far behind on photos of my planner so I had to post all three in one day!


4. New gym gear ordered!
5. One of my favourite TV shows and my inspiration to start dancing again.
6. Very early alarm to work out!


7, 8, 9. Workouts and workout selfies.


10. The night spent in bed revising in the hotel.
11. Maccy D’s after a long day of revision.
12. The first half of the week in my planner.


13. Watching the Kardashians is my guilty pleasure.
15. A Tone It Up post I regrammed for fun.


16. Another saying.
17. An amazing cushion I saw when I was out shopping on Sunday!
18. Week 5, here I come!