Instagram Catch Up

I’ve been crazy busy this week with work so most other things have taken a backseat. I had my whole week planned with workouts but when it came down to it, I’ve had such bad sleep that I had no energy to workout at all! I’m hoping that by planning next week today, I’ll be able to see where my free time is and fit everything around it!
1. Sunday night planning.
2. My last two week’s spreads in my Happy Planner!
3. I started off the week well by exercising at 5.45am before college!
4. March was the start of a new fitness challenge!


5. Pre-ordered my 2016-17 Happy Planner from CraftStars! I chose the top right one!
6. March Goals post live on the blog!
7. Another Etsy order and a blog post to follow soon!
8. The first half of my week in my planner.


9. Day 2 of my latest fitness challenge!
10. Friday nights are rugby nights!
11. Sundays are rarely relaxing for me!


My Sunday so far has consisted of revising and catching up on TV and tonight I will be planning next week and doing more revision (my exams are in less than two weeks). What are your Sunday routines? Comment below!