Instagram Catch-Up

I apologise that this post is delayed; I spent Sunday at my nanna and grandad’s diamond wedding anniversary party during the day and revised all night long! Nevertheless, my weekly Instagram catch-up is here, better late than never!

1. The end of my week in my Happy Planner.
2. Sunday night planning session.
3. Monday morning, I started Week 1 of the Spring Warm Up.
4. Monday’s afternoon workout!


5. Pre-work workout!
6. A snazzy saying to celebrate International Women’s Day.
7. No evening workout; instead I had a night watching TV and reading.
8. Annoyed with my latest Forever 21 order!


9. Bedtime posing.
10. Morning workout before travelling to Sheffield.
11. Good make-up day!
12. Waiting for the train.


13. The warmest hotel room in the world!
14. Discovered a new dance workout and loved it!
15. Watching rugby in the hotel and wished I hadn’t!
16. Friday night in my comfies.


17. My favourite top in the world.
18. Anniversary party outfit.
19. Another day, another quote.
20. Monday’s TIU recap on the blog!

This week, I finish my college course and then I have a couple of days off! I’m excited to just chill out! Now to have one final push at revision! Until next week, lovelies.