Instagram Catch Up

What an odd week; I had planned on having an amazingly fit week and that soon failed. I haven’t had a workout since Monday so I’m very disappointed at myself for that! I’ve done a lot of revising during the day and relaxing at night as I’ve not got enough money to be able to travel to Sheffield four days a week for college!
1. Valentine’s week in my planner.
2. My Monday motivation for myself backfired quickly.
3. The one and only workout this week.
4. Queen Taylor accepting her Grammy for Best Album.


5. I had so much to do at home and this was my attire.
6. My Etsy spotlight blog post for this week!
7. My snazzy nails.


8. Night in planning and watching One Tree Hill.
9. #fbf to when I was skinny!
10. An amazingly quick Etsy dispatch from PlannerPeaceUK!