Instagram Catch Up

I am so glad this week is over; it has been crazy busy! I have so much revision still to do, my workouts weren’t too bad and I’ve also managed to clean out one of my wardrobes and donate a bag of clothes to charity! I’ll also be starting to sell a few items online soon when I get the chance to take photos of them/upload them. Which one is better: eBay or Depop? Help me out, girls!
1. Sunday night motivation.
2. Workout selfie.
3. Misty Copeland is such an inspiration of mine!
4. Another workout selfie.
5. Yet another.
6. Saw this on Facebook and it made me giggle.
7. Selfie before travelling to college.
8. Demi’s new song Stone Cold is my favourite off the album.
9. My latest Etsy spotlight post reviewing Oodlemadoodles.
10. Sweaty selfie!
11. My new way of organising my nail polishes.


12. I try to fit in Blogilates when I can!
13. Friday’s Primark haul post.
14. Lea Michele is another fitspo is mine!

Next week, I’m aiming to continue studying as much as possible and working out every single day (hopefully twice!). I’ve managed to pick up a couple of extra shifts at work so I’m really going to have to make use of my time as much as I can!