Instagram Tag


The lovely Laura tagged me in this new post. I am an Instagram addict and have been for quite a while but it’s only in recent months that I’ve started to use it properly with hashtags!

Here are the questions for this tag and my answers!:

1. What’s your Instagram username?
So I actually have two Instagrams: I have my regular one and my fitness one! My regular one is @sianreed93 and my fitness one is @sian_tiu.

2. How many times a day do you post?
I try to post at least once a day but that often isn’t the case. One day I’ll post 3 photos, then won’t post for a couple of days!

3. What is your most liked post? 
My fitness posts are always way more popular than anything else; this is my most liked photo across both accounts:

4. How many posts do you have on Instagram? 
As you can see above, I have 798 on my normal account and 91 on my fitness account.

5. Out of all of the filters on Instagram which is your favourite? 
For me, it has to be Valencia. I always edit after adding the filter though as often the brightness and structure needs altering!

6. Favourite image that you’ve captured? 
It has to be from my recent holiday to Wales. We took a trip to Caernarfon Castle and I came across wizards chess.
7. Do you use your camera or phone more to take pictures? 
I definitely use my phone more. I’m not mad on photography so I just use my iPhone and use my camera on very special occasions.
8. Do you edit your pictures?
I don’t particularly edit my photos; I just add a filter. I literally am pants with technology so I wouldn’t even know how to go about it!
9. Who are your favourite Instagram users? 
Ooooh I follow a mixture of people so it’s hard to pick just a select few! Lea Michele is definitely up there as she give me major fitspo as do Tone It Up (the fitness programme I follow).
10. What’s the very first picture that you ever posted? 
My first photo was of my tap shoes! The quality is dreadful!
I tag all you lovelies out there who are just as obsessed with Instagram as I am!