Dainty jewellery is something that I’ve always been a fan of. Being petite means that I can look overwhelmed when wearing big jewels (although I love a statement necklace!) so I tend to opt for smaller pieces that are plain and silver.

A couple of months ago, I won a fabulous giveaway from the lovely Gweni (follow her on Twitter here!) from a company that I’d actually never come across before: Jewellery Box. I was so thrilled when I won this giveaway because the pieces really do suit myself and my personality!

I must say at first glance, I loved the packaging. I love how simple it is but also with it being card, you can recycle it if you no longer need it! Each item was individually boxed (apart from the earrings, which were all in the one box) which meant nothing got tangled together!

All the items I received are made from sterling silver which is incredibly important to me when choosing jewellery. When you buy fashion pieces and they’re silver/gold plated especially rings, you end up with that weird green residue on your finger after wearing them and it’s really tough to get off! With sterling silver, you get no marks whatsoever. I am a fan of gold jewellery but I find it tarnishes a lot quicker than silver does!


In the package, I received a necklace, a bracelet, a ring and two sets of earrings. Unfortunately, I don’t have my ears pierced but my mum has been wearing the two pairs daily since receiving this package!

My favourite item is the infinity ring (shown above); it fits my ring finger perfectly! I’ve actually got a bigger version of this ring that I bought from Camden market a couple of years ago so it was nice to find a daintier version of it!


After writing up this post last week, I actually ended up meeting one of the ladies from Jewellery Box during the #BloggersBlogAwards in Leeds on Saturday. She noticed that I was wearing my infinity ring from them and she looked so happy to see their designs in use! She then gave me this really funky adjustable bracelet which I’ve been wearing non-stop since!

Since discovering Jewellery Box, I’ve found myself browsing on their site at least once a week, compiling a Christmas list to give to my parents! If you love real metal jewellery that is stylish and affordable, then I’d definitely recommend giving their website a visit!