July Goals


July is going to be a great month for me. On the 9th, I go to Wales for the week with my parents which will be a much-needed break from everything. I’m putting in lots of hours on my blog to forge a career for myself. I’m putting myself first and doing what I want instead of doing things just to please others. Motivation is aplenty right now and I’m feeling so inspired.

When I’m motivated, I set goals. This helps to keep my motivation up and gives me something to work towards.

1. Follow the July Blogilates calendar
As much as I am a Tone It Up girl, I thought it was time for a bit of a change and with equipment-free workouts, Blogilates will be perfect to do on my holiday as well!

2. Host a girl’s night in
I have two best friends which I haven’t seen too much of recently. It’s about time that we all had a catch up and we love having a Saturday night in at mine watching films and eating a takeaway!

3. Reach 2,300 followers on Twitter
I’ve been a Twitter addict for many years now but any progress is progress right!

4. Reach 850 followers on Instagram
Instagram followers seem to be harder to increase compared with Twitter and I’ve been stuck around 830 for weeks!

5. Continue with posting every weekday
I’ve been pretty good with bulk-writing posts and I want to stick with it! I work weekends so posting during the week is better for me!

6. Continue to schedule tweets
Now I know why people do this; the past week using Buffer has been an absolute lifesaver!

7. Start decorating my planner again!
Now I can officially start my new planner, I’m going to dedicate Sunday nights to decorating it and planning out my week.

8. Create a capsule wardrobe for summer and look ahead to autumn
I’ve sorted through all of my clothes and completely streamlined my wardrobe. Now I just need to decide which items will be in my capsule wardrobe so I can stick to it!

9. Cut down on my spending
Even though I’m getting more hours at work, I seem to be spending far too much (mostly on make-up and hot chocolate!) and I want to cut this out.

10. Finish watching Revenge
I finished re-watching Pretty Little Liars (and finally new episodes!) and now I’ve moved onto Revenge although I have so many TV shows that I want to watch!

Have you got any goals for July or is all just about summer fun for you? Leave me a comment below!