July Planner Spreads

It’s no secret I love to plan. I love planners, stickers and washi tape. I don’t have a creative passion so this is my idea of creativity. There’s nothing more I love than a Sunday afternoon planning session to chill me out and get me prepared for the next week.

As it’s a passion of mine, I thought I could do a monthly review of my planner spreads to show you all! Mine are nowhere near as snazzy as some peoples’ as I like to see some white space. I like the stickers to enhance the design, not take over it. So here’s a look at July’s planner spreads:

27th June- 3rd July
4th-10th July

The week commencing 11th July is missing as this is the week I went on holiday. I didn’t take my diary as there really was nothing to plan!

18th-24th July
25th-31st July

I’ve realised that I haven’t been writing in my planner as much as I used to but I hope to improve this in August!