Key Study Items For Students

As promised (and a little late!), part 2 of my essentials. Here we’ll look at the items that I think are key to helping me study. I enjoy learning but hate revision time because I know I have to knuckle down but I have find having these key finds means I study harder and I’m more organised with my time.

Study Essentials
  • Laptop or iPad/charger- Probably the main essential! Let’s face it, we all rely on our technology now so you need this!
  • Textbooks- As much as I rely on my laptop, I do like to be able to read into the modules I’m studying- old school I know!
  • Notebooks for each module- Similarly to above, I love writing notes and tend to take my notebooks to classes and type up my notes at a later date. I like to have a different one for every module!
  • Pens/pencils/highlighters- Like my notebooks, I like to write in coloured pens or at least do my headings in different colours too.
  • External hard-drive- Because of them amount we store, it’s so important to back up your files! This item is actually on my shopping list to buy with the advice of my dad.
  • Reusable water bottle- It’s so important to keep hydrated and during exam times especially, I try to drink 3 litres of water a day!
  • A good lamp- I’m a daytime studier but for those of you who like to do work on a night, you’ll need a very good light!
  • Planner- I’ve spent the last few days researching ways to decorate my new planner and have investing in lots of stickers and washi tape too!
  • Tissues- Exam time means stress time means you’ll get more colds!
  • A printer/printer paper/ink cartridges- I do like to view things on my laptop but I also like to have a hard copy to file away of many documents/Powerpoints.
  • Stapler/hole puncher/scissors- To be able to file documents away, you need to be able to punch holes in them!
  • Pin board- I like to pin letters and inspiration onto my pinboard or urgent matters. I’m going to put my pin board up before the start of term!
  • iPod and dock- For me, I like to have music on when I study; it depends on my mood as to what I want to listen to.
I haven’t done any other essentials becuase I live at home so don’t really need to purchse bedroom/bathroom essentials. If you are moving into halls, I suggest you take a look at this article for all the other essentials you might need or check out College Fashion, my favourite website!On a side note, this is my 100th post which is exciting! Thank you all for reading and I look forward to hundreds more!