Key Wardrobe Items For Students

I really enjoy getting organised for going back to school/college/university. If you’re a regular reader to my blog I apologise but for those of you who are newbies: firstly hi! And secondly, even though I am a uni graduate, I’m going to college to get my journalism qualifications. Even though the course is only a few months long, I still need to be super organised as I’ll be travelling for around 4 hours a day just to get there and back. Because of the amount of money and time I’m putting into it, I’m definitely going to be putting the effort in to get organised so the transition when I start the course is as smooth as possible.

To ensure this happens, it’s vital that I have all of the essential items that students need. And then I thought instead of just making a personal list, why not share it with you guys? So here is my essentials list for my wardrobe. I will remind you that this is not a shopping list; it’s just all of the items that I’ll need come term-time.

Wardrobe Essentials

  • Jeans that fit well- I have quite a few pairs of jeans and find that I start out the year with full intentions of dressing cute everyday but after the first week, I tend to stick with my trusted skinny jeans.
  • Go-to dress that can be dressed up or down- Contrary to what I’ve just said, I do sometimes like to dress up (I tend to have dress-up Fridays) and a dress that I know fits me, suits me and is suitable for day and night is easy just to put on first thing in a morning!
  • Basic t-shirts and vest- I have soft tshirts and vests in the basic colours of black, white and grey and then some of the colours I suit the most such as blue and red.
  • A good bag- I’m currently on the lookout for a rucksack for college that will carry my laptop as well as my lunch, books and all my other general crap. (I’m a handbag hoarder) When I was at uni, I used to have snazzier shoulder bags in all different colours because it was rare that I was in uni all day long.
  • A thick coat- I’m a natural cold-arse anyway but I always like to have a nice winter coat. If you can buy one in a neutral colour and classic style, it will last you years. I bought a grey one with glittery thread running through it from River Island for £40 about 5 years ago and it’s still in perfect condition.
  • Comfy flat shoes- Whether they’re pumps, sandals or sneakers, have a few, worn-in pairs before you go back because there’s nothing worse than wearing new shoes on your first day!
  • A good pair of boots- Similarly to above, make sure you’ve worn them around the house a few times! I prefer to stick to black and tan-coloured boots so that they will go with everything.
  • Comfies!- As soon as I get in from school/work/college/uni, I get changed immediately, either into my PJs or sweats. I’m basically a slob.
  • Black tights- Because in the UK, we have summer that lasts approximately 3 days in the whole year, I find that the only way to get the most use out of my summer dresses, skirts and shorts is to wear a pair of black tights underneath them.
  • Leather jacket- Before proper winter kicks in, I love being able to wear jackets rather than coats and my leather jackets are the first ones that I grab. I have a Zara black one as well as one in pale pink, burgundy and electric blue.
  • Something stripey- I love stripes in general but over the past year or so, I’ve been pretty much addicted to buying stripey tops.
Tomorrow will be part two of my key items lists focusing on those study essentials that you might need throughout the year!