Kiko is fast becoming one of my favourite make-up brands. For me, I tend to go in branch to buy make-up (although I have been doing more of it online!) because I like to see the colours that I’m buying. Especially with face products, my skin colour is really odd so I struggle with getting the correct shade!

When I buy make-up, I do tend to go big or go home! I’m not one of those people who can go into a make-up store/drugstore and buy one product. Most of the time, the item I want is on a 3-for-2 offer so who am I to say no to an offer like that? Plus I like to wander around and then I end up spotting something else! Because I only visit around once a month/fortnight, I feel it’s alright to spend a little more!

I adore going into a Kiko store because they always have everything stocked up! It’s so annoying when you go in a Boots/Superdrug and you realllllly want a product and they only have the tester! Also, the staff in Kiko are always super helpful and leave you to browse if you don’t need any assistance! Let’s face it though, the main reason I love it is cost.

Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation in Warm Rose 30, £5.90

I absolutely hate this foundation. In fact, I used it once and gave it away to a friend. Because of my eczema, I have pretty dry skin and this almost highlighted it! It left my make-up looking really cakey and patchy. It will probably be because of my skin so maybe if you have oily skin, it might work wonders!



Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick in Wine 317, £6.90

Now to get back to why I love Kiko: their lipsticks. I already own this lipstick in Mauve, which is a light pink shade so I wanted a deeper colour ready for autumn/winter. I went for a deep pinky-red as I thought this would be the most wearable shade for me!


It actually goes on a little darker on the lips than on my hand! I’d say if you’re planning to do a lot of talking/eating, it probably won’t stay on all day but does leave you with a nice tint rather than full lips. Maybe I need to try a new primer and it might stay on longer! If you know of an amazing one, let me know!

High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow in Satin Peach 03, £5.90

I’ve got approximately 100 eyeshadow palettes (I don’t but I have more than a few so it seems like hundreds) but on a daily basis, I tend to use a nude eyeshadow as a base for my eyeliner. It’s a lot easier to just have a single one instead of delving for my palettes. My current MUA one is running out so when I saw this one, I just went for it! It’s very nude but it really gives a polished look!



Precision Eye Pencil in Black 300, £4.90

In all fairness, I’m not entirely sure why I bought this eyeliner. I tend to stick with waterproof ones now as they are much easier to apply but I think it was on sale. I only use kohl liner on my bottom lashes but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It went on smoothly and lasted the entire day!

Just a final note, currently I’m starting to plan out Blogmas and I have a back-log of recent make-up buys so expect lots of beauty posts coming your way! I’ll be mixing them with lifestyle posts too so hopefully you guys won’t get bored!

Do you have a fave product from Kiko? Leave me a comment below!