Life Lately #2

This week has been one of the worst ever. I’m pleased I’ve blogged more than I have done recently in the past week and my love life is on the way up (see Friday’s TMI post for more details!). Other than that it has been a bad week: I’ve spent all week ill with a cold/flu, I had to travel to Sheffield on Tuesday, I sat two exams on Wednesday and then spent most of Thursday and Friday in bed!

Luckily today I’m gradually feeling better and I’ve had a productive day. I’ve cleaned the spare bedroom and my desk, I’ve planned my workouts for the next week, I’ve got a list of all the Twitter blogger chats using Nicole’s fabulous post and now I’m writing up some blog posts. I am on a roll!

Here’s a look at this weeks Instagram posts:

1. I bought a new fitness planner from a girl on Facebook; so excited to start using it next month!
2. My favourite Taylor Swift lyric. It’s from the song Enchanted.
3. My latest sticker haul from Plannable Designs; Etsy spotlight post will follow soon!
4. What better way to spend the day being ill than watching such classic films?

As you can see, this week’s Instagram catch up has been replaced with Life Lately; it just seems to be a bit more informal and chatty and I can add in little snippets from my life too. Also, with being ill this week, I’ve not taken many photos!

Tomorrow’s regular post of Tone It Up Spring Warm Up (see Week 1 here) will not be posted. I’ll have another post for you all but there’s no point in me writing a post when I’ve done no workouts this past week! Instead, Week 3, to be posted on Easter Monday, will hopefully be all of Week 3’s workouts planned plus extras from Week 2 that I’ve been able to fit in!

Goals for the week:

  • Workout every day with double workouts on the days I’m not working
  • Get involved in more Twitter chats: I took part in a couple this week and loved them!
  • Get my eBay shop back up and running and sell my old clothes and books on there!
  • Write a to-do list to use for improving my blog

Are there any posts you think I should write about? Any tips for improving my blog? Leave me a comment below or tweet me here!