Life Lately #6

After a long week of organising, housework and job searching, I’m ready to get on with next week! I’ve spent the day out with my parents and it’s been nice to get some fresh air. Tonight will mostly consist of planning, scheduling and Twitter chats. Here’s a look at my manic week:

1. Planner spread for this week before the pen.
2. Trying to find TIU girls to keep me on track!
3. The Bikini Series is only a week away!
4. Selena Gomez is killing it right now!
5. Etsy Spotlight of the week.
6. Setting fitness goals for the Bikini Series.

I’ve also set up a brand new Instagram account. I’m really going to dedicate the next 8 weeks or so to getting fit and healthy with the Bikini Series. This way, I don’t bombard everyone in my life with all of my fitness and TIU posts! Follow my new account here.

Goals for this week:

  • Keep a food diary of everything that I eat!
  • Drink 2 litres of water a day
  • Design a vision board by Sunday
  • AM workouts 5 times this week
  • Create a skin routine
  • Bikini Series prep all week!