March Goals

February was a good month for me. I’ve finally started to focus on my well-being and I think it’s starting to pay off. I’ve started blogging mre consistently, I’ve started to increase my journalism portfolio, I’ve passed most of my exams at college and I’ve started to look after my body a whole lot more! March will hopefully bring even better things for me!

1. Do #30DayPilates Body and stretching for splits every night before bed. I’ve recently signed up for the Balanced Life Pilates Body programme and doing just 10 minutes a day is perfect for me! I’ve made it in my routine to do this as a wind-down before bed so I’m relaxed and can sleep better (it certainly worked last night!).

2. Do double workouts on my days off to make up. I’m trying to follow the Tone It Up weekly schedule as well as the March Blogilates’ calendar but soetimes it’s impossible to squeeze everything in! When I’ve got a day off, I intend to use Blogilates as my cardio for the day and then use TIU for me toning and resistance.

3. Stay off the scales. I’ve weighed myself this morning and have put on 1lb in the past week. I want to try with all the exercising to see how I feel at the end of the month, rather than what a measurement or the scales say.

4. Go to a fitness class of some sort. I’ve tried Zumba and love dance but I want to go to a ne class somewhere (it’s difficult to find one in Hull though) just to see if I could like group exercise. I wish we had barre classes here though!

5. No snacking after my tea 5 nights a week. I’ve started to have bigger portions at tea time so I don’t snack on a night. However, I’m discounting weekends here because I can’t have a lazy night in and not have a bit of chocolate; I’ll just try not to go overboard!

6. Make daily to-do lists and prioritise tasks. I’ve been a bit slack lately with my organisation; I’ve not been writing much in my planner, I’ve been blogging sporadically and haven’t been keeping on top of everything going on. By making a to-do list every night for the next day, I should be able to keep sane and stress-free!