March Goals Recap


March was such a rollercoaster of a month! I finally finished my NCTJ course but have failed my shorthand so will have to travel to sit an exam at some point. I’ve upped my blogging game and have finally joined in with some Twitter chats and made some lovely new blogger friends. I’ve had the past two weeks off but now I need to find a new job or get more hours at my current job (but my boss won’t give me many!).

I make goals at the beginning of every month so let’s see how I got in with March’s:

1. Do #30DayPilates Body and stretching for splits every night before bed. I got off to a great start, doing the 10-minute videos and stretching every night until day 10. However, I’m going to restart the programme in April and get through it this time!

2. Do double workouts on my days off to make up. Yeaaaahhhh. If you follow my Tone It Up posts, you’ll know that ain’t been happening! I’ve picked it up this week though!

3. Stay off the scales. I actually have achieved one goal! However, I daren’t step on the scales because I’m scared of how high the number will be!

4. Go to a fitness class of some sort. I have been far too busy to give myself a couple of hours to get to a class. I’m looking into it for April though!

5. No snacking after my tea 5 nights a week. Why did I set this goal over Easter? Some days I have been successful but then I failed massively closer to Easter.

6. Make daily to-do lists and prioritise tasks. I have really tried to do this in March and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. I’ve tried to write a list every night for tasks I need to complete the following day. If I don’t tick a task off, I’ll re-write it for the next day!