May Goals

The start of a new month means another fresh start. New goals, new aims for my life. I’m a very goal-orientated person so goal setting is a huge part of my life.

Here’s a look back on my April goals:

1. Workout every day for at least 10 minutes. I can’t say I worked out every day but I worked out most days so it’s a steady progress.

2. Re-start Fit, Fierce Fab and Self x TIU challenge. Failed massively on this. I just picked random workouts when I fancied it!

3. Start Lauren Gleisberg’s ConfidenceKini challenge on Sunday. Also massive fail. I tried but these workouts are hard! Too hard for someone with no strength!

4. Write down my budget for the month. No, no and no again. I just spent as little as possible. I spent all of my money on food or petrol!

5. eBay old clothes and books. I started to upload a few clothes but it’s such a long process. I want to get it done tomorrow though!

Now onto this month! I’m getting more hours at work, doing some extra shifts at my local shop and then blogging on top of that. I need to organise everything in order to be able to cope! Here’s a look at my goals for May:

1. Finish organising my desk supplies. My desk is just a pile-up of paper, stickers and pens. I need to seriously destash some stuff and get it in order!

2. Get my haircut. I keep my hair at shoulder length during the summer but I think I want a side fringe putting back in. I know nothing crazy, but I love my hair as it is.

3. Blog 5 times a week at least. I’ve slacked off from this in the past couple of weeks but I want to get back to using my days off productively!

4. Take part in more Twitter chats. I’ve been taking part in a couple every week but I really want to interact with other bloggers a lot more!

5. Eat better. I’ve eaten terribly this weekend and want to get back on track with my fitness and eating. I’m following the Bikini Series but without the nutrition plan so I have to follow my own plan and just eat when I’m hungry!

6. Keep my career dreams alive. If I want to be a journalist, I need to book on my exams, practice my shorthand and keep writing for various websites. I also want to look into doing some freelance paid work to see if I’d be able to be self-employed full-time.

7. Transfer money at the end of the month. Before I started my college course in September, I was doing lots of overtime at work. At the end of every month, I was transferring all of the money left over into my savings account. Now college is finished, I want to start doing this again!

Have you set any goals for May or have you written a post about them? If you have any tips for me, leave me a comment below!