My Desk Essentials

Now uni has once again begun, I’ll be spending a hell of a lot of time sat at my desk. For me it’s important to have a space to work peacefully!

So this is my little sanctuary. My room isn’t as Pinterest-worthy or white as many but it’s my private space. For me my desk has everything I need. My desk essentials are:

  1. A lamp for those late nights!
  2. A personalised photo frame
  3. A coaster for all those hot drinks
  4. My computer (I don’t really use this one anymore now I have a laptop but it’s there just in case!)
  5. My diaries
  6. My jotter/memo pads to write down anything quickly
  7. My pen pot
  8. My drawer units for loose stationary
We’re planning a house move soon so I hope to keep this up!