My Evening Routine

The majority of the time I get home for around 6.45; this isn’t that late but bear in mind I’ve been up since 5! This gives me a couple of hours to get everything done before I go to bed at 9pm. Similarly to my morning routine, I have a few tasks that I have to do on a night but I tend to have a bit more spare time during the evening:

  • Get home, get changed, hang up coat
  • Eat tea, empty lunch box, get lunch ready for the next day
  • Pack bag for tomorrow, cleanse/tone/moisturise face and clean teeth
  • Get clothes ready for the next day, grab a bottle of water
  • Charge phone/iPod
  • Write a to-do list for the next day if I need to

Also, I usually have 2 hours from getting in to having to go to bed at 9pm; if I have any free time, I tend to one of three things:

Pre-hotel room workout.


  • Get a very long shower and have a pamper night: exfoliate, paint nails etc.
  • Do a workout routine and get a quick shower afterwards
  • Chill out, watch TV and maybe do a bit of homework if I have any