My Fashion Staples: Jackets/Coats

I would consider myself a classic dresser. I like to stick to timeless pieces and tend to go for plain clothes and colours. Over the years, I’ve worn my fair share of awful pieces and have finally discovered how to dress for my body type. I’m tiny but I do have long legs and slightly larger boobs so it’s basically trial and error. I hate those guides that tell you that you can only wear one type of style of dress because of your body shape. If you try something on and you love it and it makes you feel good, bloody buy it!

Now I will admit, I do have far too many clothes in my wardrobe and wear the same few but I like to buy pieces that I can mix and match and wear any time! I’m going to start a weekly feature on my blog featuring my fashion staples. Please note these are what I consider to be my key fashion pieces; it doesn’t mean that everyone should own them. They’re just the items that I’ve found myself wearing time and time again.

Week One: Jackets and Coats

1. A leather jacket

Jackets (from left): Zara, H&M, Forever 21 and Matalan

Classic black would be the first place to start. I wear mine with all sorts of outfits- jeans and a t-shirt, a minidress; a leather jacket will rock up any outfit. As well as owning one in black, I also have them in electric blue, burgundy and light pink.

2. An army jacket

Jacket from H&M

This is perfect for those days when it’s not too cold and you want to keep it casual. My favourite look is to wear it over a t-shirt and jeans and pair it with sneakers. Mine has two huge pockets aswell which is perfect for my iPod in one and my phone in the other!

3. A blazer

Blazers (from left): New Look, Debenhams and Zara

A blazer instantly smartens up any look. I definitely think one is essential for interviews and uni presentations. When I put mine on, I just feel ready to face whatever I need to face! The classic one is black but I also own one in a light grey jersey fabric and a navy and green tartan one!

4. A warm neutral-coloured everyday coat

Coat from 915 @ New Look

By this, I mean something warm and cosy. It doesn’t have to be the most fashionable jacket just as long as it goes with everything and keeps you from getting cold!

5. A beige mac

Coat from George @ Asda

When I’m wearing this, it always makes me feel oh so Parisian! I tend to wear this with an all black outfit for some reason. Either that or I wear it with a party dress. I have a shorter version which goes just over my hips but I’m looking to get a longer length one next autumn!

6. A thick wool coat

Coats (from left): River Island and New Look

This comes into my wardrobe daily when it gets to winter. I’m such a cold bum so I pretty much live in these two coats throughout December and January. The reason I love these two is because they feel quite dressy.