My Favourite Websites For Students

As a student (still!), I’m constantly online writing assignments and shopping and have found that there are certain websites that I always visit, sometimes daily! These are my essential websites for students:


I like a bargain and I also like to make money. Sell your old stuff on eBay, keep the money in your PayPal account and then after a couple of months, you can go on a shopping spree!


Similarly to eBay, I find it easier to sell old textbooks on Amazon and I also signed up to Amazon Prime which is half price when you have an NUS card.


The best place for student discount. NUS have some great discounts but Unidays’ website is much easier to navigate, I think they have a wider range of discounts and they’re always having special offers on too!

College Fashion

My favourite website for any advice I might need. It has articles about organisation, fashion, beauty, college life and room tips. I’ve been using the website for years and there’s constantly new posts being uploaded.


I’ve only recently paid for my Netflix subscription but am addicted already. I’ve only really watched Pretty Little Liars on it but I plan to up my game and try some new series when I get the chance to!

Have I missed any off? Which websites are your go-tos? Leave a comment below!