My Fitness Journey: #FitFierceFab Week 3

I was meant to post this last night but I had a brain lapse and totally forgot! This week wasn’t as successful as other but nevertheless I still managed to get in most of my workouts!

Day 15 (Monday):

Today’s #ootd.

8.25-8.40: Morning Booty Call from book: Amazing Arms and Abs routine twice
11.00-11.30: Daily Fitness Challenge: Bombshell Bonanza routine three times
3.25-4.00: Love Your Booty workout done twice through
All Day: Be Fierce Challenge: Live in the moment!

Day 16 (Tuesday):

1. Pre-sunbathing (I got bored after 30 minutes! 2. Before going to Zumba with my mum.

8.00-8.10: Morning Booty Call from book: Booty Shorts routine twice
8.50-8.55: The Best Ab Routine done one through
6.20-6.30: Walk to village hall
6.30-7.30: Zumba class
7.30-7.40: Walk home from village hall

Day 17 (Wednesday):

Watching the rugby with my dad.

I spent the day at work and didn’t get home until about 7 and rugby started at 8 so it was just great to chill out for the evening!
All day: Be Fierce Challenge: Don’t react with everyone/everything (which is very hard with some of our customers at my work!)

Day 18 (Thursday):

1. Getting back on track after yesterday’s rest day. 2. Trying out Sleek Technique!

2.25-2.45: DCC Calorie Blasting Dance DVD
3.30-3.50: Monday’s Be Fierce Challenge: Shake up your routine today: Sleek Technique DVD: Ballet Bootcamp 1
5.00-5.10: Daily Fitness Challenge: Bombshell Bonanze routine done once

Day 19 (Friday):

I like hair accessories, thanks to Blair Waldorf.

2.45-4.45: Daily Fitness Challenge: Cardio: Fly Me To The Moon (I had a massive ceebs today but I did spend the afternoon walking around shops)

Day 20 (Saturday):


Super early morning workout for me today before heading to work.

6.20-6.30: Morning Booty Call: Booty Shorts routine twice through
6.15-6.30: 3 Minute Thighs routine from Monday done through twice
All day at work: Be Fabulous Challenge: Confidence is key: I may have flirted with a couple of customers today 😉
6.35-6.45: Itty Bitty Abs routine from Friday

Day 21 (Sunday):

Another early workout before getting ready to head to work.

6.55-7.05: Bikini Arms routine from Friday
7.05-7.15: Morning Booty Call: HIIT & Run from Tuesday
2.30-3.00: 30 minute walk around the shops after work

It hasn’t been my best week as I weighed myself this morning (Monday) and have put 1lb back on but with next week being the final week, I will give my journey one last huge push! See you all next week! 🙂