My Fitness Journey: #FitFierceFab Week 4

So the final week begins. After last week’s less than pleasing measurements, I’m determined to give this week everything I have because it’s the last week!

Day 22 (Monday):

Not overly impressed by this week’s measurements but just means I’ll push harder this week!

8.10: Be Fit Challenge: Take and record measurements
9.10-9.30: Morning Booty Call from book: Dance it out (I chose to do my DCC Calorie Blasting Dance DVD. As I already know the dance, I now do the warm-up, the completed dance section, the cool down and the added bonus section of dancing it in full cheerleader speed!)
9.35-10.00: Morning Booty Call from online: 25 minutes of cardio (I chose to do my DCC Hard Body Boot Camp DVD and did the high-impact full body routine which is an absolute killer!)
1.00-3.00: Be Fierce Challenge: Have a dance party! (I spent these two hours cleaning the spare bedroom/de-cluttering and found myself having a dance and sing to my Girl Power playlist- it’s basically just Britney, Rihanna, Demi and Selena!)

Day 23 (Tuesday):

1. Before my MBC. 2. After I twisted my knee 🙁

8.25-8.40: Morning Booty Call: Amazing Arms and Abs routine once through
4.40-4.50: Bikini Arms video from online schedule done once

After this, I twisted my knee (I slipped on the patio after it had been raining, what a doughnut!) and haven’t been able to exercise since! I’m pretty gutted to be ending my Fit, Fierce, Fab journey in this fashion because I was going on track. I’d been happy with my progress in terms of measurements and exercise regime; I’m hoping the past few days off haven’t completely derailed everything!

Next up for me, I’m going to start the 8-week Bikini Series all over again starting on Tuesday as I have my graduation tomorrow and doubt I’ll have any time to exercise! Here is the link to Week 1; I might be able to do some toning tomorrow but I doubt it will be much! I may try and incorporate the current weekly schedule in if I have spare time too. I’m determined that over the next 9 weeks (I’m taking a week off when I go on holiday) I can get physically and mentally fit and confident too!

Here’s how my next 9 weeks look:

  • 13th July-19th July: Week 1 Bikini Series
  • 20th July-26th July: Week off, I’m away Monday-Thursday and working Friday-Sunday. I’ll try to incorporate either the current weekly schedule or some workout DVDs in.
  • 27th July-2nd August: Week 2 Bikini Series
  • 3rd August-9th August: Week 3 Bikini Series; Days 1-7 of Fit, Fierce, Fab; Days 1-7 of a few 30-day challenges
  • 10th August-16th August: Week 4 Bikini Series; Days 8-14 of Fit, Fierce, Fab; Days 8-14 of a few 30-day challenges
  • 17th August-23rd August: Week 5 Bikini Series; Days 15-21 of Fit, Fierce, Fab; Days 15-21 of a few 30-day challenges
  • 24th August-30th August: Week 6 Bikini Series; Days 22-28 of Fit, Fierce, Fab; Days 22-28 of a few 30-day challenges
  • 31st August-6th September: Week 7 Bikini Series; Days 29-30 of a few 30-day challenges; Days 1-7 of my 14-day emergency shred (Women’s Health)
  • 7th September-13th September: Week 8 Bikini Series; Days 8-14 of my 14-day emergency shred (Women’s Health)
I’m realllly hoping I can stick to this; I’m not working a huge amount over the next 9 weeks so I think I’ve got the time to stick to this plan. I know it seems like a lot of exercise but the 30-day challenges won’t take very long and I tend to operate better with a structured plan! I’m very excited to start the Fit, Fierce, Fab journey again as well as the Bikini Series.