My Fitness Journey: #FitFierceFabulous Week 1

I seem to be doing this a lot recently but I’m starting a fresh! Finally, my Tone It Up: 28 Days to Fit, Fierce and Fabulous book arrived on Saturday so I began the programme on Monday. I’m in love with this book already; it incorporates daily fitness and nutrition schedules with Fierce and Fabulous challenges every single day.

Even though the days are clearly labelled in the book and the book looks visually amazing, I decided to make my own journal to coincide with it. This way, I can see everything on two pages: workouts, challenges and meals.

This was Day 1’s plan. I’ve tried to keep it as neat as possible because nobody like a messy journal! I thought it would be too much to write down every exercise I need to do but as long as I know which workouts to do, I can easily refer to them in the book then.

As well as doing this 28 Day Challenge, I’m still doing the Bikini Program; these workouts are included in the Be Fit sections in my journal above with my workouts from the book.

I’m going to be taking my measurements every Monday morning as soon as I wake up before I even start my Morning Booty Call. I’ll admit I won’t get round to doing every single workout but I’m trying to make sure I get the workouts from the book done and then just add in the online ones when I get chance to.

I’m going to take a picture every Monday morning as well before my workout. As of this week, here is my before picture. Please, good vibes only. I’ve put on a bit of weight recently but I’m ready to get through this programme.

As you can see, I added some weight around my mid-section. My thighs have always been on the larger side but that’s because I’m a dancer; I get all my strength in my legs. My goal is to lose a bit of belly fat and tone up everywhere else. I weigh under 9 stone so I’m not overweight by any stretch but I’m not fit or healthy at the minute.

Here’s how week 1 is going in terms of workouts/fitness and fierce/fabulous challenges:

Day 1 (Monday):

Today’s Be Fabulous task
8.50: Be Fierce Challenge: Write down three specific goals to accomplish today
9.00-9.20: Morning Booty Call from
book: Amazing Abs and Arms
9.55-10.10: Morning Booty Call
online: Bombshell Bod on Women’s Health website
2.45-3.00: Managed to get through 13
minutes of the Mermaid Routine.
6.20-6.30: Daily Fitness Challenge from book:
Sweet and Spicy Strength Training
8.15: Be Fabulous Challenge: ‘I’m Amazing’ list (see above photo)
Day 2 (Tuesday):
Red lips for running errands out and about
9.00-9.15: Morning Booty Call from
book: HIIT and Run
9.30: Be Fierce Challenge: make a fitness playlist
12.50-1.50: Daily Fitness Challenge: Cardio: Go, Go, Goddess: 25 minutes of walking around shops
Day 3 (Wednesday):

Before tonight’s Bikini Kettlebell workout.

I spent the majority of the day out walking and running errands so workouts were minimal.

8.15-8.35: Morning Booty Call from book: Amazing Arms and Abs
10.15-6.00: Be Fabulous Challenge (get outside): Out running errands so spent a lot of time walking about
7.30-7.45: Managed to get through 15 minutes of Bikini Kettlebell
10.15: Be Fierce Challenge (establish a morning ritual)

Day 4 (Thursday):

The workout I never got round to doing today! Gutted!

3.00-4.30: Got my cardio on by making dance routines in the conservatory
7.45-7.55: Morning Booty Call: Booty Shorts

Day 5 (Friday):

1. Pre-workout. 2. My DCC killer workout DVD!

11.00-11.15: Speed walk to the Post Office and back
1.00: Be Fabulous Challenge: List three things you love about your appearance
3.35-4.10: Morning Booty Call online: I did the low-impact full body workout from my new DCC: Hard Body Booty Camp DVD.
5.15: Be Fabulous Challenge: Treated myself to a hair and face mask whilst in the shower.

Day 6 (Saturday):

After today’s Morning Booty Call!

6.05-6.25: Morning Booty Call: Booty Shorts routine twice
1.45: Daily Fitness Challenge: Cardio: Go, Go, Goddess: Spent my second half-hour break walking around the shops
7.45-8.05: Pink Flamingo workout twice through
9.30: Be Fierce: 3 things you’re grateful for list

Day 7 (Sunday):

I did no exercise today at all!

At the end of Week 1, I feel fresh and happy. I can feel my body changes as I workout every day. I’ve only done half of the workouts set out this week so there’s still plenty of room for improvements. I’m going to substitute some of the cardio and HIIT workouts in the book and online for fitness DVDs that I’ve just bought. I’ve been watching Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team every day and bought their DVDs. They’ve inspired me to become fit and strong rather than super skinny this time. I’m trying to practice some of their routines and the kickline in the hope that one day I can become a DCC! I’m also really happy that I’ve kept up with writing in my journal and I’m loving all of the Be Fierce and Be Fabulous challenges; they’re making me relax on a daily basis mostly and making me feel grateful for everything I have right now.

If you want to follow the Bikini Program, here is the link to this week’s schedule that starts tomorrow (Monday) morning!