My Fitness Journey: #FitFierceFabulous Week 2

If you saw last week’s post, I’m following the Tone It Up Fit, Fierce and Fabulous programme. Week 2 of my Fit, Fierce and Fab journey and I have to say I feel pretty good. I feel happier and more alert as well as healthier. I’m trying to workout every day but with working weekends, I tend to slack off slightly there.

Day 8 (Monday):

Today’s workouts all complete before tea!
Today’s workout outfit of choice.

9.40: Be Fabulous challenge: Rock a new colour (I’ve had the above purple sports bra for at least a year and this was the perfect time to rock it out for the first time!)
9.50: Be Fit Challenge: Take and record measurements. I’ve lost about a pound in weight as well as 4cm off my hips which is amazing! I can see some improvements too as well as having more energy and stamina!
10.00-10.40: Morning Booty Call from book: DCC Calorie Blasting Dance DVD (I did all of the dance routine as well as the extra ab workout!)
1.30-1.50: Daily Fitness Challenge from book: Magical Mermaid Moves once through
4.10-4.55: Today’s online schedule of HIITy Bitty Bikini and Bikini Abs (Both of these routines are seriously hard work!)

Day 9 (Tuesday):

Quick selfie in the cinema toilets before the film started!

10.05-10.45: Daily Fitness Challenge from book: 30 minutes cardio- Davina Intense DVD (Warm up and cardio box)
2.50-3.05: Take Me To The Sea routine
6.45: Be Fierce challenge: Make eye contact with everyone (The only time I went out today, I went to the cinema with my friend and I finally got to see Pitch Perfect 2!)

Day 10 (Wednesday):

Watched 4 films today and spent the night watching this.

1.45-2.05: Morning Booty Call from book: Booty Shorts routine done twice
2.15-5.15: Be Fierce challenge: Danced around whilst watching High School Musical 1 and 2 (Also counts as my online cardio workout too!)

Day 11 (Thursday):

9.20-9.50: Morning Booty Call from book: Amazing Arms and Abs routine done three times
5.25-5.40: Daily Fitness Challenge from book: Magical Mermaid Moves routine done once
7.15-7.35: Today’s online workouts done once each: Under the Sea and Sunkissed Abs

Day 12 (Friday):

AM and PM workout outfits.

8.40-9.10: Morning Booty Call from book: HIIT and Run (I need a couple of rest whilst doing this workout though!)
10.00: Be Fit challenge: Inventory of workouts so far i.e. what’s worked and not worked
10.45: Be Fierce challenge: Journal Ft, Fierce and Fab journey so far by answering the questions from the book
11.05-11.15: Bikini Arms from online weekly schedule
1.00: Be Fabulous challenge: Take a bubble bath and relax (instead I had a shower and treat myself to a face mask!)
5.00-5.15: Cardio: Davina’s Fit in 15 DVD (I selected the cardio 15 workout which was a killer!)

Day 13 (Saturday):

I did no exercise or challenges because I was knackered after work!

Day 14 (Sunday):

Morning yoga attire.

8.10-8.20: Morning Booty Call from book: Yin Yoga
2.30-3.00: Went for a walk around the city centre after work as requested in the online weekly schedule
3.30-7.30: Be Fierce challenge: Do nothing! When I got in from work, I plonked myself on the settee and watched the rugby.

Today’s Be Fabulous challenge was no technology after tea but I needed to get all of my blog posts written for the upcoming week (sorry TIU girls!)

I’ve done 17 out of the 27 routines set this week which is a slight improvement on last week. I’m also proud that I’ve done my Morning Booty Call in a morning six times this week! My main area for improvement is sorting out my weekends when I work to make sure I find myself some time to workout and that I have my lunch ready to take with me.

Next week’s schedule to start tomorrow is live now on the Tone It Up website!