My Fitness Journey So Far

If you’ve been following my blog over the past few weeks, you’ll have seen that I’ve been following the Tone It Up Bikini Series. However, this finished on Sunday and I was not happy with myself. I’ve done pretty much zero exercise in the past fortnight and thank God that the girls at Tone It Up have introduced a new challenge, the Bikini Program! This starts today and already today I have done two out of the three workouts before half past 8!

I’m now feeling more motivated for this 8-week segment; since I’ve started the previous Bikini Series, I’ve only lost 2 pounds which is shocking! However, as much as I’d like to lose a few more pounds, this is more about getting fit and healthy for me. This Bikini Program goes hand-in-hand with the girls’ book, Fit, Fierce and Fabulous. I’m still waiting for this book to arrive at my doorstep though!

My only issue with the program itself is that I really want to purchase the bundle which includes the DVDs, a new journal and a few other bits and piece; the only problem is it’s $200 and because I’m in the UK, it costs a bomb to get it shipped over aswell! I can still follow the free online weekly schedules and then input my own workouts in from various other platforms.

If you’re following the Bikini Program, please comment below as I need a #TIU Buddy! Also, if you want to join up, here the link to Week 1 of the Bikini Program!