My Fitness Journey So Far Part 2

Last week I was meant to start the TIU Bikini Series once again but it coincided with my trip to Chester. The hotel we stayed at had a gym but once I ventured down to it on Tuesday, I never ventured down there again! It was so tiny with no dumbbells so I had to do purely cardio which I hate doing!

Starting tomorrow I am going to attempt to try the Bikini Series again; I might not be able to make it through the 8 weeks as on the final week, I start my full-time college course. Provided how I feel tomorrow, I may add in the Fit, Fierce, Fab challenges too. Over the past couple of weeks, my weight has stayed the same but I feel a lot more tired and less energised because of the amount of junk food I’ve been eating.

On the plus side, I basically spent Monday-Thursday weekdays on my feet walking around various locations and lost a whole load of calories due to my extra walking, less snacking and insane water intake!

I’ve got the next 12 days off work so I’m hoping the next fortnight that I can get as many workouts in as possible as I have nothing else to do! I’ll probably try working out and watching TV at the same time (Pretty Little Liars is my current obsession, I’m starting from the beginning!) as I love how my workouts seem to fly by!

If anyone wants to join me, just send me a tweet (@sianreed93) or send me an email (sian,; I need more TIU girls to talk to!