My Fitness Journey So Far

This week didn’t go to plan at all and I only managed to workout on Thursday. Graduation could’ve classed as a workout as I had to walk in heels all day long!

Starting Monday, I’ll be re-doing the 8-week Bikini Series even though I’ll be away Monday-Thursday. The hotel we’re staying in has a small gym so I shall be taking my sports bras, sneakers and shorts to motivate myself! Hopefully I will try and squeeze in the current weekly schedule workouts too when I can do.

The main reason I love Tone It Up is the amazing online community; I also have met some amazing girls on Instagram too and we are always encouraging each other with our daily workouts. For all you who want to try the programme, I would because it’s free. I don’t bother paying the money to buy the nutritional program, I literally just use the free online workout schedules. If there isn’t enough exercise in them for you, you can always add additional videos and workouts.

I’m pleased that I seem to at least maintaining my weight rather than gaining it even though initially I was losing about a pound a week. Hopefully this week, I will be doing lots of walking around and less snacking! I also like to take my basic measurements and weight first thing on a Monday when I wake up.

If you want to follow my journey, follow me on Instagram where I try to post daily (see the sidebar) or drop me an email if you want to join me in the Bikini Series; I could do with a fellow TIU buddy to keep me on track!