My Fitness Journey: Week 2

Busy week yet again with presentations and assignments in so my week didn’t start off too well in the fitness department!

Monday: Before going to uni, I had a quick cardio session at the gym. I only spent around half an hour on the bike and elliptical trainer.

Tuesday: I had my focus on my group presentation so did no exercise other than walking around the uni campus a bit!

Wednesday: I didn’t go to my rehearsals today but instead I did the Tuesday ab workout and today’s leg workout from the Bikini Series that I’m following.

Thursday: I really pushed myself at the gym today. After a ten minute warm up on the bike, I did Monday’s mermaid routine as well as today’s booty and arm workout. I did each routine twice through so safe to say, I was knackered afterwards!

Friday: I skipped the gym because I was in pain from yesterday still!

Saturday: After a long day at work, the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym so I went home and did my dissertation work- oh the joys!

Sunday: After spending the morning at work, I went to Nando’s for a late lunch. That’s healthy, isn’t it?

Every morning and night, I’ve been stretching to get into the splits once again. I’m getting close and closer but I’m still not there yet unfortunately! Next week, now my dissertation is so very nearly finished, I’m aiming to work out every weekday apart from Friday. I’ve cut back a lot on portion size this week and I’ve taken to brushing my teeth after my evening meal to stop me snacking on a night!

If you want to join the Bikini Series, week 3 starts tomorrow and here is the link for it!