My Fitness Journey: Week 3

This week was a bit of a mixed bag; I’ve cut down on snacking and tried to make up for missing some workouts. I’ve only snacked one night this week which is a massive milestone for me because I have such a sweet tooth!

Monday: Today, I finally finished my dissertation and submitted it late afternoon. To celebrate, I continued with my Bikini Series and completed today’s workout of the HIITy Bitty Bikini workout and Bikini Abs. Just over half an hour workout and I am cream-crackered!

Tuesday-Saturday: It’s been such a bad week for exercise for me. After working hard for the past month, I pretty much sat and watched TV Tuesday-Thursday and then worked Friday and Saturday. At work, I opted to stand for most of the day rather than sit and walked around the city centre on my breaks to get fresh air and a slight bit of exercise.

Sunday: Because of this week’s shoddiness, after work I opted for a gym visit to make up some ground. Today did 15 minutes warm-up on the exercise bike and then I did my favourite ab workout from the website as well as an arm workout for Friday.  did both of these routines twice trough and then did Tuesday’s mermaid routine.

As much as I love the routines, some of them I’m unable to do as I don’t always have the equipment to do so so I either adapt the routine or focus on the same body area but make up my own circuit. Like Sunday, I did a Tone It Up ab and arm workout but they weren’t the ones on the plan. My gym was so empty today so I think I’ll use Sundays to do all those workouts that I didn’t manage to do during the week.