My Fitness Journey: Week 6

I’ve been pretty committed to my health and fitness this week: I’ve kept a food/workout journal, limited my junk food and worked out most days. As well as this, I’ve finished all of my notes for my exam on Thursday in advance!

Monday: Started my week off with a bang. I did today’s HIITy Bitty Bikini routine before picking Tom up from work and heading to the gym. At the gym, I did the Bikini Body Routine 1 twice and added 10 minutes on the exercise bike. After a 30 minute walk food shopping, once at home, I did today’s Bikini Arms routine once through.

Tuesday: Just before tea-time, I completed today’s new kettlebell routine. Then after tea, I completed two rounds of the Bridal Babe workout.

Wednesday: Today, I had a ‘focus on revision’ day so no exercise here today!

Thursday: Today was time to make up for yesterday’s misses! First was Tuesday’s Bikini Abs, second was Wednesday’s Daisy Dukes workout and Love Your Abs and finally was today’s Short and Sweet Shoulders routine. I did all of these routines once before watching rugby!

Friday/Saturday: I had so much revision to do and wasn’t in the right headspace to exercise. I also found time to finish watching the last season of 90210! Loved the ending!

Sunday: Today I managed to squeeze in Saturday’s workouts as well as today’s. I did Saturday’s Mermaid workout and Mali-booty as well as today’s Bikini Arms. All of these routines were done once after work at the gym. It was super quiet there so I managed to whizz through them all!