My Fitness Journey: Week 7

I have been really bad this week. I’ve done no exercise and eaten a lot of junk food. I’ve been so busy with exams that exercise has pretty much fallen right off the agenda. The only bit of exercise that I’ve done was a ballet barre workout on Thursday night for about 45 minutes. I’m so disappointed with myself but ultimately, my exams must come first.

The good news is my last exam is on Tuesday and then I will be fully focused on my health and fitness goals! I’m already planning on going to the gym Monday morning and Tuesday right after my exam to get back into the swing of it. I will be following the Tone It Up weekly schedules still and hopefully trying to squeeze in some of my workout DVDs when I can too. I’m also thinking about getting back to taking ballet and tap classes but I’m awaiting confirmation from the instructor as to when they are!

I’m determined to be more toned by my graduation and then even more toned by Tom’s 21st at the beginning of August. They are my two huge events coming up that I need to look and feel confident for because I’m sure there will be tons of photographic evidence!

This week has hopefully just been a bit of a blip rather than a huge bump in the road. I’m excited to get my energy levels up and to actually begin to enjoy working out.