My Morning Routine

Since starting college and having a 5am alarm requires me to
be super quick in the morning as I only have 45 minutes to get ready and out of
the door. I’m lucky that I live at home with my parents so my mum always makes
me lunch the night before so I can save a few minutes in a morning! Although
this routine is bound to change once half term is over (I’ll be staying in
Sheffield for 3 nights a week because I’m sick of the super early mornings!), for now,
I think I’ve got this morning routine down to a tee.
  • 5am-5.05am: Wake up, check/charge phone,
    turn off DAB radio alarm
  • 5.05am-5.15am: Use a face wipe, get changed,
  • 5.15am-5.30am: Put on make-up, clean teeth, put
    on shoes, unplug phone/iPod. I take my rucksack downstairs on a night so then I
    take everything down that I haven’t already packed.
  • 5.30am-5.45am: Get a drink of water, grab
    lunch/water/yoghurt, make a hot chocolate to go in my travel mug and put on my
    coat. Grab keys and get out of the door!


Once I’m on the train, I:


  • Get any homework done that I forgot about that
    doesn’t require the Internet or a computer!
  • Drink my yoghurt and take my vitamins.
  • Catch up on Radio 1 podcasts (usually Scott
  •  Have a nap if I have nothing to do!
  • Organise my planner like I did in the photo above!