My Skincare Routine

For years and years, I’ve tried to find a skincare routine that doesn’t irritate your skin. Having sensitive skin and eczema make it really hard to use a lot of products. Most products I find are too harsh and leave my skin itchy and blotchy. I’ve been to my doctors several times and they’ve given me so many prescriptions to try but they’ve all been too harsh too! Finally I think I have found a selection of products that are lightweight and here they are:


My Products


I don’t always buy these products from the links provided as I look out for the best offers available. It can range from Boots, Superdrug, Wilko’s, Savers, anywhere really! I also buy them in bulk so I tend to have at least 2 extra of each in my cupboard!

My Day-time Routine

As soon as I wake up, I use cotton wool to wipe my face. I find it gets rid of all the dirt on my face first. I then leave it about half an hour before continuing.

Next I use cotton wool pads to smooth the cleanser over my face and neck. After rinsing with warm water, I smooth toner over my skin. After leaving it to sink in, I moisturise,

My Night-time Routine

Firstly I take my day’s make-up off with these wipes. Then I use my miscellar water to get off any make-up that might be left on my skin. Finally I use this spot-zapping gel so it can sink in overnight.

As you can see, I’ve tried to limit myself to using as few products at possible. Every couple of days, I use Nivea Daily Essentials Facial Scrub and that’s about it. I also try to have a day a week when I don’t wear any make-up; this tends to be when I have a day at home!

What are your skincare routines? Any recommended products for eczema sufferers? Comment below!