My Week In Pictures

This week has been a bit of a mixed week; I’m meant to be at college four days a week but there’s no way I can afford to spend £100 a week on travel alone. I’ve been doing work from home instead and trying to keep on track with my workouts but I seem to lack motivation this week!

Hopefully this week, I’ll find some inspiration from somewhere!

1. Started off the week with a great workout.
2. My new wallpaper, I’m obsessed with the Bella twins!
3. The end of January in my planner.


4. Another workout pic.
5. Trying to expand my blog and help out some amazing Etsy shops.
6. Selfie in bed.


7 & 8. More workout photos.
9. Selfie before the first Hull FC game of the season

Next week, I want to blog more, exercise daily and practise my shorthand enough so I can pass my exam on Thursday.