My Week In Pictures

Half term week off college and my week off work! I’m so annoyed with myself this week. I was meant to be focusing on my fitness plan and my college work but I failed at both. I started off the week great, fitting in my workouts and getting my work done but after my exam on Thursday, I just chilled out all weekend.

1. The fabulous Bella Twins in all of their glamour.
2. Pre-bedtime selfie. #cleavage
3. Beginning Week 6 on the Tone It Up challenge.
4. Last week’s planner spread.


5. Inspired by the Bella Twins (see photo 1).
6. My sanctuary.
7. Continuing with the workouts.
8. Reviews of Etsy shops is my new series (see the first post here).


9. Another workout collage.
10. How beautiful is Grant Gustin?!
11. My Valentine’s Day realness. Career over men.

This week, I’m back at college for a couple of days a week, I’ve got a revision plan sorted for my resits, I’ve got my workouts planned out too and I’m hoping to get some extra hours at work in the next few weeks!

I’m definitely motivated this week to get s**t done and work my arse off to lose a few lbs.