New Look Wishlist

No money= lots of window shopping and what better way to do that than sat on your sofa? New Look has been one of my favourite stores ever since I was young and bought the 915 range (I still buy this range now because I’m so tiny!) and it will always be a shop I enjoy looking around.

When I visit one of their stores, I either come away with a few items or none. In recent years, I’ve found that I buy more online rather than in-store. However, I do use the click-and-collect service which I love and sometimes have a browse around while I’m in there.

With me being petite, the range in the shops are always very limited whereas the range online is vast. It’s also one of the easiest stores to take items back to! Just a note though: when you buy online, pay through debit/credit card and you can return to store; PayPal orders have to be returned via post.

After spending a while on the website, here are the items I have my eye on: