Next Wishlist


I have zero money right now. I’ve overspent this month and soon enough, my car insurance and MOT are due which means I’ve done an eternity of online shopping, adding items into my basket and deleting them all one by one. After a short trip into the city centre with my mum, I found tonnes of lovely items in one of my favourite stores, Next. I’ve made the decision that I’m going to invest in better quality pieces and avoid what people call ‘fast-fashion’. I’ve been researching about capsule wardrobes and I’m going to declutter my wardrobe to start one from July!

I’ve always thought Next was a shop for older women; I’d never been impressed by their clothing until about a year ago. I’d been looking for a pair of boyfriend jeans everywhere and I found my perfect pair in there. They’re a size smaller than I’d usually wear and petite (I have long legs for a small woman) but after weeks of searching, I was so happy that they fit like a glove. Since then, I’ve been known to browse around the store and buy good quality tops, jumpers and shoes.

9. Brown Loafers, £35
14. Navy Linen Vest, £10
Has anything in Next recently caught your eye? Leave me a comment/link below!