On The Box: May Edition

Because I’m so busy, I don’t get to spend hours in front of the TV every night. Instead, I bulk record shows and binge watch on my days off when writing blog posts and taking photos. My planner is full of daily to-do’s but I always make sure I include reminders of my TV shows!

I’ll admit I spend most of my time watching box sets or films but there are a few programmes that I tune into every week!:

1. Jane The Virgin

This may well be my favourite show on TV right now. I am obsessed with Gina Rodriguez who plays Jane and she is an amazing Latina actress. She’s not only beautiful but she is an incredibly funny leading lady who basically makes the show. Without her the show would be rubbish. Yes, the scriptwriter’s write it but her delivery and acting skills make it hilarious!

2. The Flash

I’ve bulked watched Series 1 and the start of Series 2 in the past couple of months and I am hooked. As soon as I saw that Grant Gustin was starring in a superhero TV show, I knew I’d love it! I get a bit confused by everyone’s powers and the fact that there is a new meta-human on the block every week but I still keep on watching! I’m rooting for Barry and Iris though!

3. Neighbours/Home And Away

Now I hate British soaps but there is something about Aussie soaps that I love. Maybe it’s the accents and the fact that the actors tend to be better looking but I am hooked. I tend to record them for the week and then watch 5 episodes in one go! I can’t choose between the two; they both have their perks!

4. Dance Moms

This show is on my to-watch list whenever it is on TV. I don’t think there is a single episode that I’ve not seen. As much as I hate how unrealistic it is compared to UK dance competitions, there’s no denying that the competition team girls are insanely talented (I love Nia and Kalani the most!) and I will be sad when Maddie and McKenzie leave at the end of the season!

5. Pitch Slapped

This show is beyond ridiculous but I actually really like it! If you’ve seen Glee and Pitch Perfect, it’s basically the reality show version. The kids in it are pretty talented but I wish there was more choreography involved in their performances! Performing arts is about singing, dancing and acting, not just singing!

What are your favourite TV shows on right now? Do you watch any of my favourites?