Operation Organise: An Introduction

Welcome to my new blog series! With spring already in full swing, it’s time for our annual spring clean. But why do we leave everything to do at once when we have the whole year to go through the house gradually? If you’re in student halls, this will be significantly easier as you only really have one or two rooms to go through but if you live at home with parents or own your own home, cleaning can be the most boring task in the world and can take forever to complete.

As someone who like to be organised, I’ve found that having a clean and tidy home keeps me less stressed, increases productivity and saves me money. You will have more time to spend on everything you love if you get everything in order at home. However, I’ve really been inspired in recent months and have found myself reading a tonne of self-help books on how to get organised. So I thought I would put all that knowledge in one place and help everyone else out! If you follow me on Instagram, I’m become a addict to being organised and I want to share it with you all!

In this series, I’ll give you tips and tricks in order to get certain areas of your home in tip-top shape. We’ll look at your wardrobes, drawers, desk, paperwork, basically the areas that most of us neglect. If there’s an area you want me to look into, I would be more than happy to feature it! Every Friday, I will focus on a different area that you can then spend all weekend cleaning and tidying! I will be joining in as well with before and after pictures too!