Right now is an incredibly exciting time for me. If you didn’t know already, a couple of weeks ago, I made the move from Hull to Sheffield as next week, I start my Masters in Sports Journalism at Sheffield Hallam. After settling in for a couple of days, I then went away to the Peak District with my parents for a quick getaway before the work starts!

This week is Freshers’ Week so as a non-drinker and a postgrad, I’m pretty much just going to anything related to my course and the freebies fair because who doesn’t love a freebie?! I might sign up to a society if anything catches my eye but it will depend on how much free time I have!

I’m also hoping to start my new job sometime this week as I could really do with the money. I’ve been so lucky to find another Post Office job as it also means I don’t really need any new training as it’s pretty much the same job!

That leads onto today’s post. Seeing as I’ve been so busy with the move and holidays, I didn’t get a chance to post my goals for this month so instead, I’ve opted to do a goals for the upcoming year. With my course being a full year long and moving into my new flat, it’s finally time to start living like an adult and start a new chapter in my life!

A sneak peek at my new room (a flat tour post will follow very son!)

1. Work on my health and wellbeing. Since finding out I was moving to Sheffield, I’ve basically been fattening myself up. I’m a fussy eater and know that I won’t be able to have many treats when I’m at uni due to lack of funds! I’ve got to learn how to cook a few more dishes and I also want to start tracking my health/fitness. I’ve bought the Blogilates Focus Journal where I can jot down my meals, fitness, water intake, sleep and steps. For me, the best way for me to keep on track is to write as much as possible down!

2. Learn to budget! I’m lucky that I’ve been able to secure a job before moving, although I am still waiting on a start date. I managed to get in a few extra hours over the past couple of months and am due another payslip from my last job at the end of October. However, as I don’t have my timetable set in stone yet, I’m unsure of how much I’ll be able to work. My degree has to come first but I’ve worked out that I also need to work over 16 hours to be able to afford the rent on my flat. This means I have to watch how I spend my pennies! I’ve got a couple of trips booked so I need to sort out the train tickets for those too! I’ve been able to save some money on Netflix as my friend Rachel is letting me use hers! I need to sit and work out my outgoings and incomings to see where I might be able to save!

3. Find lots of work experience. The whole premise of doing this degree was to find more experience elsewhere. All of my journalism experience is writing for online outlets so it’s important for me to get my name out there in other pathways. I’d love to do a mixture of placements: TV, radio, magazines, at a sports club, at a PR company; there’s a lot of different ways to get some experience in Sheffield. I’m also trying to write for a few more websites to expand my portfolio!

4. Don’t leave work until the last minute. This was a habit of mine during my UG degree at Hull Uni. I was super organised with my reading every week and general homework for tutorials but as soon as I had a deadline of more than a month or so in the distance, I left that work until last minute. This is not the way to do it. I’m going to make a start on my work as soon as I know the deadline from now on or else, I will run out of time!

5. Get involved on campus. I really want to be more involved in student life. As I don’t drink, I’d love to contribute to student life some other way, either through helping out at open days, going round to local schools/college to give talks or run social media for the student’s union. I’d really love to share my university experiences with other people to show that it’s not always about drinking and partying, there’s much more to uni than that!

6. Schedule everything! I’m hoping to be super busy whilst I’m at uni. I’ll have lectures and classes, work shifts, studying at home, blogging, other writing opportunities, work experience, possibly a society and exercise to factor into my life as well as those all important TV shows! As you are well aware, I collect diaries as a hobby so it’s about time that I used them all! More of my diary set-up for 2017/18 will follow in a post at a later date so stay tuned for that!

How cute is this Busy B diary?

I’m so ready to get started on this course and make a start with my career. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been stuck in a rut for a couple of years now and it was time to make a drastic change. Uprooting my life and moving out of my comfort zone isn’t easy for me to do but I felt like it was now or never.

The plan was to find a full time job in Hull and start this course next September; however, after months of getting nowhere on the job front, I took the plunge and applied for my masters. The next year is going to be full of ups and downs, I might regret it this time next year but at least I’ve tried.

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